Emily found me the perfect outlet

Sales Guidance

I had mixed feelings about parting with my late husband's much-prized collection of model soldiers, but knew none of my heirs would want it. Emily found me the perfect outlet: they have gone to where they will be appreciated and I have the satisfaction of knowing that their previous owner would have been very happy with the outcome.

I couldn't have done it without Emily

House Clearance

After my husband suddenly passed away, I decided to join my daughter in Australia. I had to downsize very quickly. It was even more challenging as it happened during lock down restrictions. I couldn’t have done it without Emily Pelham Burn’s expertise and tireless commitment. My dealings with her were based on total trust providing me with constant updates and invaluable advice. I can highly recommend her service.

Utterly trustworthy, discreet and a point of calm

Sales Guidance, Valuation, Auction Advice, Clear Out Clutter

As I started to pack up my house, having lived in Scotland for 40 years, to move abroad, one of my dearest friends advised contacting Emily. She had recently downsized dramatically from a family estate to a Manse and, a little daunted by it all, had discovered Emily PB who had helped and supported her throughout.

I was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of what seemed a mammoth task, took the advice and how right she was. Emily came to visit and together we started weeding out. I found her expertise, knowledge and love of antiques, paintings, vintage clothes and all things beautiful absolutely invaluable, as was her support at what was a very emotional time.

Emily’s many years of experience working with the best auction houses and sale rooms have given her many invaluable contacts throughout the UK. She knows the answer to most questions re. value, provenance etc and if she doesn’t, she knows how to find out. She helped me to make decisions, kept me focused and on target - I could not have managed without her.

Emily is utterly trustworthy and discreet and was a point of calm, organisation and support during the entire moving process.

Most of all she has huge patience, a great sense of humour and is a delight to have around!

Thank you so much Emily

House Clearance, Sales Guidance

A guiding hand, which made the whole enormous moving and downsizing process just so much easier!

Emily is an inspiration

Sales Guidance, Valuation, Auction Advice, Clear Out Clutter

Emily is an inspiration. For over a year and a half Emily helped us to move out of a large family home after three generations and into a farmhouse on the estate. With her knowledge of the art world and antiques and her wide range of contacts across the spectrum she was invaluable. She was also very clever at accessing the best people for restoration work and finding the provenance for unusual items and at the same time finding homes for anything from vintage clothes, silver, china etc and as a result we really had very little waste.

She was always cheerful and positive and the most amazing strength and support through difficult and emotional periods. She was highly efficient and organised but never made us feel inadequate and gently but firmly helped us sort through over 100 years of “stuff”. She has been such a good and kind friend, we couldn’t have done it without her and we wish her every success with anything she has to tackle in the future.

A thousand thanks

Sales Guidance

A thousand thanks for all your help in putting my accumulated research archives into some sort of order. I am still amazed that you managed to turn a run of old catalogues that were destined for the dump into a four figure sale.

We will certainly ask her to help again

Sales Guidance, Auction Advice

We downsized to a smaller house so had a number of pictures and other items which could not be used. Emily Pelham Burn was very helpful, came to our house several times and advised us on what would be worth selling. Her knowledge of different auction houses, their sales, and others who bought and sold particular items was most advantageous and meant that we were more than satisfied with the proceeds. We will certainly ask her to help again if we decide to dispose of some other items.

A wonderful job

House Clearance, Auction Advice

Emily did a wonderful job when we downsized, helping us to decide what to sell and how to get the best price. She was invaluable.

honesty and trustworthiness

Valuation Advice, Auction Advice, Full Clearance of Junk Rooms

I approached Emily to help as I had a task too mammoth to undertake myself. I needed her professional eye, total discretion, honesty, trustworthiness and sense of humour to help me clear and sort 5 rooms of house clearance. This ranged from some potentially valuable items to plenty of undesirables. Without her experience, I would not have entered some items into specific auctions, (with very satisfactory results) and her knowledge and contacts were outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble for her despite being a very busy person, and if she said she was going to do something – she most certainly got the job done. It was a total pleasure to spend time with her.


Buying, Sourcing

Emily has been invaluable in supplying classic English furniture to fit our home, sourced on our behalf direct from a country house, or to our requirements from an auction house. Emily's expertise was invaluable in finding things to suit our taste and budget and meant that we knew what we were buying, its quality, and that we were paying a realistic price. Emily has supplied furniture varying from an elegant hall table to beautiful Georgian dressing tables, a homely club fender to a what-not, all of which have been sensibly priced and that blend in well with our existing things.

sensitivity and patience

Valuation Advice, Auction Advice, Sales Guidance

We contacted Emily when we down sized from a 5 bedroomed family house to a 2 bedroomed cottage. We had no idea of the value of the possessions that we couldn’t take with us and had no knowledge of how to go about selling them to the correct dealers/auction houses.

After Emily's first visit somehow the task was not so daunting. Her sensitivity and patience were wonderful as we went through the possessions we no longer had room to keep. She pointed us in the right direction about which different auction houses to use for selling large items of furniture, pictures and a rug. She advised us on how to get jewellery and silver including military items to the place where they would fetch us the best possible price. She knew and arranged where a special large item of china would best be sold, and even knew what we should do with 'not so good' items.

During her many visits Emily was honest, professional and efficient, being realistic (and as it turned out very accurate) about the price items might make at auction, and also tactfully suggesting items best delivered to a Charity shop.

we would thoroughly recommend her

House Clearance, Sales Guidance

Emily assisted my elderly parents with clearing their attic and did so with great sensitivity and kindness. Her expertise identified a number of items they were unaware held any value, and which later realised pleasing sums at a sale room. Her professionalism and discretion are absolute and we would thoroughly recommend her services, however large or small the job.

Further references are available on request, please contact me.

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Emily Pelham Burn. I am an art consultant, based in Scotland and working across the UK. I can help you whether you are selling one object or a range of items, and whether you are downsizing or dealing with a house clearance. I can assist with valuations for sale, insurance and probate and restoration and conservation.

I also work with interior decorators and regularly assist with sourcing specific pieces or general items for clients' homes.

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